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We’re looking for creative minds to help us continue building world’s best website, application. At BLUTRAIN, you will work with the talented experts of web development, application development, and thought leaders to change how business work. From web development, application development, to marketing and revenue, to finance and support positions- we operate globally, think outside the box, and view our colleagues as friends.


Experience: 1-2 Years

Role: ReactJS developer

Location: USA

Roles and Responsibilities:
Job Descriptions:

Experience: 1-2 Years

Role: AngularJS developer

Location: USA

Roles and Responsibilities:
Job Descriptions:

Experience: 1-2 Years

Role: Content writer

Location: USA

Roles and Responsibilities:
Job Descriptions:

Benefits and perks of BLUTRAIN

Career development

In BLUTRAIN, you will have an amazing list of opportunities. You could be an expert in a field or build skills in many areas. You may be a single donor or a manager. One thing is for sure, you can never stand still in BLUTRAIN.

Variety and inclusion

BLUTRAIN has always been about adding value to the diversity of life experiences and ideas in our business. We want different people backgrounds and encouraging them to take risks and deal with challenges in an unusual way.

Training and development

We offer amazing internal resources such as technical training, management and professional development classes. BLUTRAIN is full of intelligent people, each of them playing a significant role in making something better, more effective and more efficient.

Best Times

Each day is a colorful day. Awards Ceremony, Birthday Celebrations, Wedding Ceremonies, Fun Day Celebrations, Ceremonies, Special Day Celebrations

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a opening for freshers at BLUTRAIN?

You need to check the current opening details and see the Job description where you can check whether the selected location is open to new applicants or not. Usually we are always open to discover New Talent as long as you clear all of our technical tests and discussions.

Should I Come For a Direct interview?

We do not extend direct access. You need to apply first using the link above and then if you are on the shortlist, we will contact you to add time
to get down to the interview.

Do you work on weekends?

We are closed every Saturday and Sunday.