Having passion for building taxi application? we design, develop, and deliver taxi booking application for platforms like ANDROID & iOS.

Do you have a taxi startup or a fixed cab business? Finding it difficult to keep track of all drivers and calculate their earnings by hand? You may be missing out on details for each trip in case you forget about it later. Have you ever considered going digital to manage your business effectively and easily? The creation of a taxi booking application by our professional engineers will help you to do everything automatically from cab booking and payments to the total number of drivers and taxis, as well as the production reports. Would that not relieve you of some of the stress of having to manage your drivers?

Equipped by a team of successful Uber application developers or taxi application developers, we can build you an app like Uber that includes dedicated drivers and passengers applications and a management panel. We have already launched more than 20+ taxi application solutions like Uber or not to mention applications like Uber.


What is your taxi business for? Do you offer particular niche? We have developed an Uber program similar to those for different types of taxi businesses.

Taxi Business

You are on the fastest road to digital! We have a team of taxi app developers, which develop on-par riding apps that can help you make your business better equipped to manage more travel and bookings.

Car Rents

Do you have a car that you want to rent? We are developing software for that too! Whether you are already in the car rental business or have just joined, we can provide you with the development of a taxi booking app for your business.

Joint Taxi Business

Big businesses and companies need daily cables for top executives and directors. However, it is sometimes difficult for assistant executives to treat bookings as a ever-changing schedule and live a life where delays are not really tolerated.

Need Guidance From Someone Informed About Your Taxi Business?

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Special rEQUESTS

What if the passenger has too much luggage? What if passengers need a child seat? Passengers can request special features like these and also request female drivers for improved safety. By integrating this feature into your app, you can provide what passengers want without interruption to customer service.

Booking in advance

With this feature, you can allow passengers to book a cab in advance in your easy ride sharing app. This prevents them from rushing or being he emphasized something at the last minute. It can be helpful if your customers have a very early morning flight and need to arrive at the airport on time.

ETA status

After booking a ride, this feature will show the passenger the estimated time the taxi arrives at its destination. GPS tracking the system will track the location of the driver and the screen will also provide other information such as vehicle number and driver details, as well as his phone number.

Travel fare calculator

If you combine this feature, then as soon as the passenger will select the type of car and enter the destination, you will be shown the cost of the trip. This helps the passenger to plan his or her budget and assures him or her that you will not be overcharged for booking a taxi on your taxi system.



If this feature is integrated and the driver has a specific task somewhere, he can set the location. If he does this, the app will automatically send travel requests from passengers who want to travel the same route or closer. This helps him to lead outside out of the way.

Driver's Dashboard

With this feature, the driver will be able to check various information on the dashboard such as previous trips, upcoming trips, total revenue, number of hours online and other such details. The driver can also refer other drivers, and check their reviews to understand the response provided by passengers.

Map view and GPS tracking

What is the purpose of a cable booking application without GPS or maps? Using GPS and map view, the driver can find the location of user and get directions from the best route. This feature will also be integrated into the passenger app and help them save Driver track and route.

Ratings and reviews

Passengers get the option to leave feedback, reviews and driver ratings after the end of the trip. Drivers can check the ratings they have received to the passenger and understand why they are lacking. They can also review passengers based on their behavior during the trip.


Director dashboard

A comprehensive management dashboard will allow you to set fares, commissions, check active and complete drivers, check travel history and details for each driver, check daily or previous wages, generate reports and invoices, and do much more! It helps you run your business smoothly.

Customer complaints

What is the purpose of a cable booking application without GPS or maps? Using GPS and map view, the driver can find the location of user and get directions from the best route. This feature will also be integrated into the passenger app and help them save Driver track and route.

Administrator reports

You can generate a number of reports from the manager dashboard such as monthly or day or time benefit, driver number and details, total number of vehicles, driver fees, travel details. with passengers and much more.


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